Monday, February 27, 2012

Allix turned 6!

I must say that my sweetest bite of my life is my darling little girl Allix.  She is not only beautiful and smart, but unbearably sweet!  She turned 6 this past weekend.  6 years old!?!? That's craziness!

 She wanted fake mustaches on her straws and all the kids ended up wearing them and having a blast laughing at each other looking silly.  She had a blast swimming and playing with all of her friends & family.

She also didn't want a normal cake but little hamburger cakes with sugar french fries instead.  All you gotta do is make yellow cupcakes & cut them in half.  Put brownies as the patty in the middle & top with red, yellow & green frosting for the condiments.

I am so happy my life was blessed with her 6 years ago.  It has been the most amazing feeling and experience I have ever had.  I cant wait to see what the future holds for this awesome little girl.

Men's Tshirt into a Woman's Tank

It's girls night out!!!!!  We are going skating and it's 70's & 80's night, yes!  But what to wear?!?!

I don't have time to go shop so I must find something at home to wear, hmmmmm....what can I make!?! Damain has a stack of clothes that no longer fit him, they "shrunk"  and I found this shirt!

If Ghost Busters doesn't scream 80's then what does?!?  But this is D's shirt and it's much bigger than mine, see....

Let's make it into a smaller tank top style top, 80's style.   The first thing I gotta do is cut off the collar & sleeves.

You want to pull the tank top strips so that it rolls the top of the shirt, makes it look neater.  And put those sleeves to the side, you are gonna need em.
This is what I have so far.  Now I got to get those sides back together.  If you know how to sew, I don't, I am sure there is a way neater way of doing this...but again we are going 80's style here, so the more frayed the better right?!?

 Ok, so remember those sides & sleeves I told you to save?  Well, it's time to bust those bad boys back out and cut them into strips.
Now you are going to take those strips and pull them tight, to make little strings.
I did this with both sides and used each side for the original side of the shirt it belonged to.  So, now cut little wholes down the side of your shirt and tie the little strings in knots, all the way up & down the side.
After I finished up the sides and all I tried it on.  It fit great but I wanted the back a little lower than the front, for tattoo show.  I also wanted to cut little strips down the back.  You can either leave the straps kinda falling off the side or you can use another strip from the sleeves to tie it up.  Keep cutting the neck until you get the fit you like, don't forget to pull it to make it roll.  This is what mine ended up looking like.

And this is how it looked on for 80's night:

So, my words of advice and things I might have changed.  One, if I would like to wear this without looking so 80's, learn how to sew.  I would make the straps a little wider and the neck not so wide but maybe deeper.  But overall, for 80's girls night, I think it's perfect!  Time to go skate!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Making Twine Hearts

 Fold aluminum into long strips & make into hearts.
You'll need 1 cup flour, 1 cup water, 2tbsp acrylic paint.
 Mix together.
 Make brains!  I mean get your hands dirty make sure all the twine is covered.
 Wipe off excess mix off the twine.
 Bake at 200 for 1 hr.
 Turn off the stove after an hour and wait an hour before pulling the hearts out.
 Remove the aluminum & work original plain twine through hearts.
Hang your hearts!

Things I wish I would've known before this:  This crap gets everywhere.  Make sure do it on a table with some plastic down. And thank goodness I had Allix wear an apron.  Everything is pretty easy to clean, I would just make sure to clean it sooner than later.   The more defined the heart shape the better.  Also leave the twine more billowing than smushed in there.  It might also be better to use shorter lengths of twine and put multiple in one heart.   

Saying that.  Allix loved making this craft.  She got to get her hands dirty, wasted some time, taught her about measurements and it ended up pretty darn cute.

 Thanks Pinterest for the idea!!  This is the original link:

My First Sweet Post

First I need to thank Joi for the name inspiration.  It so perfectly describes what I want this to be.  I little picture into my sweet little life.  I have a sweet little family of 3 and we have some really sweet experiences, talks, makings, and would love to share some of them with you.  I will try to post at least once a week and I hope you enjoy it!